• Pure Bio Organic Herbs Extract Matrine Pesticide With Oxymatrine CAS 519-02-8
Pure Bio Organic Herbs Extract Matrine Pesticide With Oxymatrine CAS 519-02-8
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Matrine is an alkaloid extracted from the root, stem and fruit of Sophora flavescens, a leguminous plant, by organic solvents such as ethanol. It belongs to lupin alkaloids, a derivative of quinolicidine. Matrine, oxymatrine, sophoridine, sophoridine, sophoridine and other alkaloids are the main components of Sophora flavescens, and the content of matrine and Oxymatrine is the highest. Matrine and Oxymatrine are all easily soluble in water. Oxygen atoms in Oxymatrine molecule share a pair of electrons with N atom through a semi-polar coordination bond, which is similar to alkaloids and salts with larger polarity. Therefore, the solubility of oxymatrine in water is higher than that of matrine, while in organic solvents, the solubility is lower than that of matrine.

Pure Bio Organic Herbs Extract Matrine Pesticide With Oxymatrine CAS 519-02-8

Product Name


Plant Source

Sophora flavescens Extract

CAS Number519-02-8 
AppearanceWhite Powder
Test MethodHPLC
Place of OriginWuHan,China
GradePharmaceutical grade
Brand NameWuHan HHD
packageAluminum foil bag / Drum

Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong sunlight

Molecular Structure:


What`s the main function of Matrine/Sophora flavescens extracted powder?

1Matrine is widely used in pesticide in recent years;  

2) Matrine has function of relieving internal heat; 

3) Matrine has effect on anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory; 

4) Matrine is used for suppressing sarcoma S180, anti-tumors; 

5) Matrine can cure tonsillitis, mastitis, smooth the asthma etc.when taken orally; 

6) Matrine can improve the leucocyte deficiency symptoms so as to enhance the body's immune function; 

7) Matrine is effective in dealing with trichomonad vaginitis, flagellate disease, amoeba dysentery and fungus dysentery, etc.

What`s the application of Matrine/Sophora flavescens extracted powder?

1) Applied in agriculture field,  matrine can kill the pests.
Matrine is a natural plant-based pesticides, low toxicity for human and livestock, which is a broad spectrum insecticide with tag and stomach poison. It has a obvious control treatment effect on all kinds of crops NianChong, caterpillar, aphids, starscream.

2) Applied in pharmaceutical field, matrine is used for dispel heat, dry dampness, expel wind, and eliminate intestinal parasites, at the same time it also used to anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumors.

Do we have the test reports for our products provided by the independent third party?
Every batch of our product was tested by authorized independent third party, Analysis testing center, Shanghai branch, Chinese Academy of Science. We send goods to customers with test report and COA. Our products were also tested by American Analytical Chemistry Laboratories and Chromadex too....more
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