Sophora flavescens

  • Pure Bio Organic Herbs Extract Matrine Pesticide With Oxymatrine CAS 519-02-8

    Matrine is an alkaloid extracted from the root, stem and fruit of Sophora flavescens, a leguminous plant, by organic solvents such as ethanol. It belongs to lupin alkaloids, a derivative of quinolicidine. Matrine, oxymatrine, sophoridine, sophoridine, sophoridine and other alkaloids are the main components of Sophora flavescens, and the content of matrine and Oxymatrine is the highest. Matrine and Oxymatrine are all easily soluble in water. Oxygen atoms in Oxymatrine molecule share a pair of electrons with N atom through a semi-polar coordination bond, which is similar to alkaloids and salts with larger polarity. Therefore, the solubility of oxymatrine in water is higher than that of matrine, while in organic solvents, the solubility is lower than that of matrine.

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