African hip fruit extract, a gospel product for men's prostate health


Introduction to raw materials: Prunus canadensis, also known as African hip fruit tree, is produced in Africa. It belongs to wild arbor plant of Rosaceae, Pygeum africanum / Prunus Africana in Latin, the bark of which is used. The raw materials are from mountain forests in West Africa (Ghana, Cameroon) with an altitude of 1000-2500 meters, and East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, eastern Congo and Madagascar). African hip fruit tree is a traditional herbal medicine used to treat prostatitis. It contains phytosterol, which can eliminate inflammation and reduce swelling of prostate caused by stimulation. Can reduce nocturia and urination interruption.

Ingredient specification: phytosterol (phytosterol) 2.5% 12.5%, custom-made specifications, detection method HPLC / GC, can treat and prevent prostatic hyperplasia.

Cause of prostatic hyperplasia: modern medical research found that the prostate of normal adult men has the function of transforming hormone to supply the whole body. With the growth of age and bad living habits, prostate will rapidly aging on the basis of fibrosis, and the function of transforming and supplying hormone will decline, which can not meet the demand of supplying the whole body. At this time, the prostate will make up for the loss of function, and more than a part, leading to prostate hyperplasia.

Mechanism of action: prostate fibrosis is the cause of prostatic hyperplasia. The extract of African hip fruit can inhibit the growth of human fibroblasts and slow down the production of epidermal growth factor, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment and prevention.

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