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    Wuhan HHD RU58841 CAS 154992-24-2 Hair Regrowth

    RU58841 (also known as RU-58841, PSK-3841 or HMR-3841) is a compound that has been garnering attention for RU58841 phenomenal response to hair growth. Anti-androgens have potential to be used to treat some 'male' cancers such as prostate cancer, as well as possibly targeting skin conditions including acne and male-pattern baldness. RU58841 differs from other anti-androgens in that rather than trying to reduce or block the production of testosterone or DHT, it focuses on the testosterone receptor. RU58841 is a specific androgen receptor antagonist or a so called anti-androgen. This non steroidal topical androgen antagonist was investigated for therapeutic value in androgenetic alopecia and acne.

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  • Wuhan HHD Setipiprant CAS 866460-33-5 Hair Loss Treatment

    Setipiprant (INN) (developmental code names ACT-129,968, KYTH-105) is a drug originally developed by Actelionwhich acts as a selective, orally available antagonist of the prostaglandin D2 receptor 2 (DP2). Setipiprant was initially researched as a treatment for allergies and inflammatory disorders, particularly asthma, but despite being well tolerated in clinical trials and showing reasonable efficacy against allergen-induced airway responses in asthmatic patients,Setipiprant failed to show sufficient advantages over existing drugs and was discontinued from further development in this application.

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  • Wuhan HHD WAY316606 CAS 915759-45-4 For Hair Loss Treatment

    WAY-316606 is a drug that was originally developed to help treat osteoporosis, a disease which weakens bones and makes them more fragile and likely to break. Lab tests found when the drug was used there was a significant increase in human hair growth within two days. WAY-316606 is a compound known as an inhibitor because it prevents a natural occurring protein from working. The protein it blocks is involved in killing off growth and is linked to male pattern balding.Scientists found through research that the drug targeted the same protein growth as a cancer drug called cyclosporine A (CsA) which has been used to suppress transplant rejection and cause rapid hair growth. However, CsA has a large number of side effects including high blood pressure, headaches, kidney problems and vomiting, making it unsuitable to treat hair-loss,Whereas WAY-316606 comes without the nasty side effects and makes it more suitable to treat baldness.

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  • Wuhan HHD Fevipiprant CAS 872365-14-5 Hair Regrowth

    Fevipiprant (QAW039) is an oral, highly selective, potent, reversible competitive antagonist of CRTH2. Fevipiprant is metabolized to an inactive acyl-glucoride metabolite. Elimination of fevipiprant occurs via hepatic metabolism as well as renal excretion. Fevipiprant (QAW039) is an oral treatment for asthma. It competitively and reversibly antagonises the prostaglandin D2 receptor 2 (DP2) expressed on inflammatory and structural cells. Areas covered: We reviewed fevipiprant's mode of action and efficacy against other current and emerging pharmacological interventions for moderate-to-severe asthma. We undertook a literature review using the PubMed/Medline database, the U.S. National Library of Medicine's Clinical Trials website and from manufacturers' press releases with the search terms: 'QAW039', 'Fevipiprant', 'CRTH2 antagonists', 'DP2', 'DP1', 'monoclonal antibody', 'eosinophil' with 'asthma' plus the names of individual drugs. Three Phase 2 trials have been conducted and three Phase 3 trials are in progress. To date Fevipiprant's greatest success has been in targeting severe eosinophilic asthma. Expert opinion: Fevipiprant presents the possibility of a new orally active therapy for asthma. If successful in phase 3 trials it will have an enormous impact on the treatment paradigm for asthma and will potentially widen access for pre-biologic treatment to a larger population.

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