Our team

Our team


We have a group of lovely, enthusiastic and active working partners. We insist on winning customers with high quality products and high quality services. At the same time, we will continue to innovate and in-depth study and research to improve product quality and make our products more competitive in the market.

---Pharmaceutical intermeidate, APIs---

Memantine HCl ;Pirfenidone ;spironolactone ;beta-D-Ribofuranose 1,2,3,5-tetraacetate ;D-Ribonic acid-1,4-Lactone ;Citicoline sodium; Alpha GPC;Flibanserin    


---Healthy supplment---

Setipiprant ;CB-03-01 ;Fevipiprant ;RU58841 ;WAY316606 ;Sulbutiamine ;Sunifiram ;PRL-8-53 ;Coluracetam ;NSI-189 free base;NSI-189 phosphate ;7,8-Dihydroxyflavone ;Fasoracetam ;ISRIB ;GTS-21 ;Vinpocetine ;Theacrine ;9-me-bc    ;Halostachine ;TUDCA ;TAU ;Magnesium L Theonate ;2-AMINO-5-METHYLHEXANE   ;D+)-Galactosamine hydrochloride ;Scopolamine hydrobromide ;Sodium,D-Pantothenate ;Octodrine  ;5-ala hcl/5-Aminolevulinic Acid; Hydrochloride Salt ;S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione    

---Fine Chemicals---

avobenzone;Deoxyarbutin ;PHMG ;1,3-Dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin ;1-Bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin ;UMP ;Tropinone ;Brassinolide ;homobrassinolide ;ATP/Adenosine triphosphate ;Cytidylic acid ;Spiro-OMETAD    

---Natural plant extracted products---

Huperzine A ;Epicatechin ;resveratrol ;Hydroxyecdysone  Hydroxytyrosol /3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol  ;6,7-dihydroxybergamottin ;3,4-divanillylterahydrofuran    

;Sulforaphane ;fisetin ;Alliin ;galantamine hydrobromide ;Nonivamide ;HerbaDendrobii P.E  ;Garcinia cambogia extract HCL; Hydroxycitric acid ;Silymarin,Silibinin ;Astaxanthin ;Lycopene;Diosgenin    

---Customized products---

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine ethyl ester ;N-Acetyl-L-cysteine amide;Urolithin A;Urolithin B; Urolithin C ;Urolithin D ;Roxadustat  ;4'-DMA-7,8-DHF free base ;5,7-Dihydroxy-6-methoxy-4-phenoxyflavone ;Tivasemtiv / CK-2017357 ;8-BR-CAMP ;OMecaMtiv Mecarbil ; 5-Aza-2'-deoxycytidine ;Fexaramine    

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