cas 495-42-1

  • Lose Weight Halostachin CAS 495-42-1

    Naturally occurring halostachine was initially discovered by Syrneva from the plant Halostachys capsica. Later, Halostachine was also isolated from perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and tall fescue, (Festuca arundinacea). The original structure that was proposed was later found to be erroneous and was subsequently corrected by Menshikov and Rubinstein. The presence of the active compound, N-methylphenylethanolamine in the brain was first demonstrated in rats, by experiments conducted by Saavedra and Axelrod. This discovery opened ways for studying the nootropic benefits of halostachine. Today, halostachine is included as a constituent of many dietary supplements and is also sold on its own. However, halostachine has not been developed as a prescription drug.

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