cas 10275-21-5

  • Nootropics 9-ME-BC CAS 2527-07-5

    9-Me-BC or 9-Methyl-β-carboline is a novel, dopaminergic , cognitive enhancer. It has been shown to improve DA (dopamine, a neurotranmittter vital to mood, focus, vigilance and wakefulness) by inducing growth of hippocampal dopaminergic neurons. The hippocampus, by the way, is the locus of short term memory formation and storage. In addition, 9-Me-BC also has some anti-inflammatory effects. 9-Methyl-9B-Carboline is a dopaminergic enhancer. It operates primarily thorugh up-modulation, differentiation and a protective effect on dendrities and synapses all the while improving dopamine synthesis tasks.

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  • N,N-Dimethyl-3-Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride/ Citrate Acid / CAS:10275-21-5

    N-phenethyl Dimethylamie(Eria Jarensis Extract) was claimed to be a assy extracted from a plant called Eria Jarensis. It is a new PEA-like molecule that has very nice euphoric effect. However the effect are quite mild which is not as strong as DMAA. N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine(Eria Jarensis Extract) has similar effects and functions as a neuromodulartor in the central nervous system. Although naturally-occurring,it is frequently supplemented as for its therapeutic mood-boosting benefits,so it actually boost our dopamine levels which may make our brain feel better.

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