• N-Methyl-l-alanine CAS 3913-67-5

    We have larger quantity for N-Methyl-l-alanine and can be send out immediately once we get your payment Medicine L - alanine is an important raw material for the synthesis of VB6, nutrition agent for the pure amino acids nutrition infusion components,which is one of L - alanine as the main component of the amino acid injection - 800 "attending liver, brain and prompted hepatic coma patients to quickly, and at the same time, is also a kind of diuresis medicine. Food additive N-Methyl-l-alanine can improve the nutritional value of food in all kinds of food and drink, such as: bread, water ice point, tea, dairy products, carbonic acid drink, water ice and so on. Adding about 0.1 ~ 1% of alanine can obviously improve the protein in food and beverage utilization ratio, after drinking can quickly restore fatigue and refreshing for the alanine its absorption characteristics. (2) N-Methyl-l-alanine improving artificial table into sweetener taste feeling which can make the sweetness efficiency, and reduce the dosage. when the compound with sweet mei agent with 1 ~ 10% of alanine, N-Methyl-l-alanine improve the sweetness, sweet taste soft as natural sweet mei agent. Alanine or table into high sweetness, force sweet (Alitame, L - radix asparagi acyl - D - c ammonia amide, for sucrose sweetness 600 times) one of the raw materia.

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