CAS 90-39-1

  • 100% Natural Sparteine/baptitoxine/cytisine 98% Powder CAS 90-39-1

    Cytisine is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist, and as a pharmaceutical preparation it is available for the treatment of nicotinism. Cytisine derivative varenicline was approved in 2006 as a smoking cessation drug. A 2006 literature review concludes that while trials performed with cytisine itself are mostly of poor quality, there is some evidence that cytisine may be prescribed to aid in smoking cessation. Cytisine is light-yellow to white powder. Cytosine is extracted from aerial parts of the alpine Huang, wild aerial parts of Cassia, alternate wild Cassia, lobular wild Cassia, wisteria seeds, legume gorse. Cytisine is active in breathing excitatory effects, supercharging effect on the cerebral circulation

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