CAS 479-13-0

  • Coumestrol CAS 479-13-0 Standard Sample For Research

    Cumoesterol (or coumestrol), a coumestan isoflavone , has estrogenic properties (phytoestrogens are compounds structurally and functionally similar to 17-estradiol) and is an isoflavonoid phytoalexin produced by soybeans, a low molecular weight antimicrobial compound that is synthesized de novo and accumulates in plants after exposure to microorganisms (i. e. : phytoalexin induction and accumulation in soybean cotyledon tissue is observed with four species of Aspergillus: A. sojae, A. oryzae, A. niger, and A. flavus) (PMID: 10888516 ). Coumestrol is a naturally occurring plant coumarin that displays high affinity for the hormone-binding site of the human estrogen receptor (hER), for which it serves as a potent non-steroidal agonist.

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