Rosmarinic Acid


1. Food field: rosmarinic acid, as a natural high-efficiency antioxidant, can replace BHA and BHT in animal and vegetable oils, dairy products, oil-rich foods, sweets and baked foods; it can also be used as a spice in various soups and seasoned foods; it also has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. In Japan, perilla extract rich in rosmarinic acid is used as a decoration to improve the shelf life of fresh seafood.

2. Health care products: anti-tumor, anti hepatitis and protection of liver injury, function, anti nephritis, anti thrombosis and anti platelet aggregation, etc., as well as refreshing, memory enhancing, tension and sleepiness improving.

3. Cosmetics: used in skin care products, it can remove color spots, resist oxidation, increase skin elasticity, delay aging, etc.; used in hair care products with shampoo, it can promote blood circulation of scalp, improve hair loss, reduce the occurrence of dandruff, stimulate hair growth, moisturize hair. Therefore, rosmarinic acid can be used as an excellent additive in cosmetics.

Rosemary belongs to Labiatae and rosemary. Small evergreen shrub. It is about 1 meter high, with 4 edges of young branches, closely arranged and densely hairy; the leaves are opposite, sessile, leathery and linear, with dark green and smooth surface and gray white fine villi on the back; The flowers are bisexual, growing in pairs on short pedicels, axillary, calyx campanulate, 2 lips, upper lip whole, lower lip two split, corolla three times longer than calyx, 2 lips, upper lip deep into two split, lower lip three split into the middle of the lobes, fertile stamens 2 protruding out of the flowers, flowers light blue, occasionally pink or white, blooming in spring, with strong fragrance.

Rosemary originated in North Africa. After Zhang Qian passed through the western regions, it was introduced into China from the western regions. It was a traditional commodity traded between the Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire and China. Therefore, the Chinese also called it "daqinxiang".

This product is a herbaceous plant for both medicine and food. It has an oily body, which can be used for appreciation and extraction of fragrance. The twigs and flower buds of rosemary can also be used to extract aromatic oil. This kind of aromatic oil can be used to mix food flavor, seasoning and sauce. Rosemary is rarely used as a seasoning in China. It is mainly used for Western food. It is quite common in Europe. So far, rosemary is still a very popular cooking seasoning in Europe.

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