Athletes can use turksterone to complete protein synthesis, which has been used in fitness supplements.

Turkesterone is extracted from a herbaceous deer root plant called luezea carthamoides (leuzea rpaponfica), which has great regulating function on human body. This plant mainly grows in Eastern Europe (Siberia) and Central Asia (Siberia). Luezea plays an important role in improving memory, immunity, endurance and relieving troubles. It is an ancient medicinal plant in Siberia.

Oxysterone is one of the most bioactive ecdysteroids. It is believed that it can effectively assist in protein synthesis metabolism. Because these steroids have strong adaptability (body regulation ability), they may be banned in some sports occasions, but they are natural traditional extracts and nutrients, so they are not harmful to human body.

High intensity exercise or any harsh physical activity requires effective recovery and protein synthesis to ensure the effect of exercise. Therefore, adding some Turkestan to the athlete's diet can ensure that the body can work better.

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