The basic introduction and main application of β - hydroxy - β - methylbutyrate calcium


HMB is widely distributed in citrus fruits, some vegetables such as broccoli, legumes such as alfalfa and some fish and seafood. For the purpose of industrial production of a-hydroxy-b-hydroxy salt, i.e. the synthesis of calcium monohydrate, i.e. calcium monohydrate, is commonly used in industrial production.

HMB calcium is a basic metabolite containing branched chain amino acids in human body. It plays an important role in protein synthesis of muscle tissue. It can promote the growth of muscle cells and improve the inclined tissue. HMB calcium, as a new type of anabolic nutrient for high-intensity athletes, can reduce body fat, reduce muscle protein consumption, help muscle recovery and reduce muscle injury caused by overwork, and improve exercise intensity and endurance.

HMB calcium is also a strong immune stimulant, which can enhance the immune function of human body, reduce blood cholesterol, reduce diseases, prevent aging, enhance physical fitness and improve the quality of life.

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