Usage of Sodium gualenate

Product Description

Usage of Sodium gualenateUsage of Sodium gualenateUsage of Sodium gualenate

Product Name:Sodium gualenate

CAS: 6223-35-4

Molecular Formula:C15H17NaO3S

Molecular Weight: 300.35

EINECS: 228-309-8


Sodium gualenate is derived from extracts of natural plants, which many experts call natural green medicines. The main structure of the guaiac hibiscus is extracted from the compositae (chamomile, chamomile).
The product has excellent anti-inflammatory and mucous membrane repairing effects. It is an anti-inflammatory and repairing product, which can promote the healing of burn wounds, the healing of ulcer wounds and the regeneration of granulation, and has many functions such as heat prevention, radiation prevention and cleft palate prevention.

Usage of Sodium gualenate 


The main preparations include: tablets, patches, gargles, granules, gels, sprays and eye drops for treating various mucous membranes.

         For the treatment of systemic mucosal inflammatory diseases, including -Ophthalmological diseases, oral diseases, pharyngitis, rhinitis, gastrointestinal diseases and gynecological diseases, adaptation diseases include: conjunctival keratitis, periodontitis, oral ulcers, pharyngitis, rhinitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic ulcerative colon Inflammation and various gynecological inflammations.

Usage of Sodium gualenate

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