• Wuhan HHD Nootropics Sulbutiamine CAS 3286-46-2
  • Wuhan HHD Nootropics Sulbutiamine CAS 3286-46-2
Wuhan HHD Nootropics Sulbutiamine CAS 3286-46-2
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Sulbutiamine is a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1). As a dimer of twomodified thiamine molecules, it is a lipophilic compound that crosses the blood-brain barrier more readily than thiamine and increases the levels of thiamine and thiamine phosphate esters in the brain. Sulbutiamine was discovered in Japan in an effort to develop more useful thiamine derivatives since it was hoped that increasing the lipophilicity of thiamine would result in better pharmacokinetic properties.
Sulbutiamine’s nootropic properties boost both physical and mental levels in the body leaving you with a feeling of high energy. It is used primarily to treat a condition called asthenia and fatigue.
Sulbutiamine is another great nootropic to help with mood. Some people have compared Sulbutiamine to ’s anxiolytic and antidepressant qualities without the stimulation.
Also from wikipeidia reference citation, Several studies have shown that sulbutiamine improves memory through the potentiation of cholinergic, dopaminergic, and glutamatergic transmission. When sulbutiamine is administered to mice, they perform better on operant conditioning tests and object recognition tests. Sulbutiamine also reduces the amnesiac effects of dizocilpine and improves memory in schizophrenics.

Nootropics Sulbutiamine CAS 3286-46-2

What is sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine is an upgraded version of vitamin B1. Japanese researchers developed it in the 1960s. They were trying to fix a growing vitamin B1 deficiency in the Japanese population.

Good news: they succeeded. Sulbutiamine is unusually bioavailable — in other words, you absorb it very well, and unlike normal vitamin B1, sulbutiamine passes through your blood-brain barrier, supplying your brain with the precious B vitamin.

Benefits of sulbutiamine

No surprise, then, that sulbutiamine has become a staple of the nootropic community. You can use it to upgrade your mind in a few different ways. The two big sulbutiamine benefits are energy and memory, and there are a couple extra benefits too. Let’s take a look at how sulbutiamine can help you build a sharper brain.

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Sulbutiamine to decrease fatigue and improve mood

Increases energy and stamina: Sulbutiamine is ideal for those days when you’re feeling slow but want to get a lot done. Several large studies have found that sulbutiamine significantly increases energy in people who are feeling fatigued.

Improves mood and lowers anxiety: Sulbutiamine may also be good for mood and anxiety. Two studies have found that it relieves anxiety, depression, and social shyness.

But what if you’re a happy, well-rested human who wants to perform at a higher level?

Boosts motivation: Research on healthy humans is scarce for sulbutiamine. That said, there is some evidence that sulbutiamine increases dopamine and glutamate in your prefrontal cortex, which links to increased motivation and good mood.[9] Pair that with the fact that sulbutiamine has a growing number of fans in the nootropic community, many of whom report improved mood and heightened mental endurance.

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