• White Birch Bark Extract Betulinic Acid CAS 472-15-1
  • White Birch Bark Extract Betulinic Acid CAS 472-15-1
White Birch Bark Extract Betulinic Acid CAS 472-15-1
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In 1995, betulinic acid was reported as a selective inhibitor of human melanoma. Then it was demonstrated to induce apoptosis in human neuroblastoma in vitro and in vivo in model systems. At one time, it was undergoing drug development with assistance from the Rapid Access to Intervention Development program of the National Cancer Institute. Also, betulinic acid was found active in vitro against neuroectodermal (neuroblastoma, medulloblastoma, Ewing's sarcoma and malignant brain tumors,ovarian carcinoma, in human leukemia HL-60 cells, and malignant head and neck squamous cell carcinoma SCC25 and SCC9 cell lines. In contrast, epithelial tumors, such as breast, colon, small cell lung and renal cell carcinomas, as well as T-cell leukemia cells, were completely unresponsive to treatment with betulinic acid.

The effects of betulinic acid as an anticancer agent in breast cancer is found to be cannabinoid receptor dependent. Betulinic acid behave as an CB1 antagonist and CB2 agonist.

White Birch Bark Extract Betulinic Acid CAS 472-15-1

Betulinic acid is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid which has anti-retroviral, anti-malarial, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a more recently discovered potential as an anticancer agent, by inhibition of topoisomerase. It is found in the bark of several species of plants, principally the white birch (Betula pubescens) from which it gets its name.

Betulin also called the birch wood alcohol ester brain, belong to without rings triterpene compounds. Is tasted for white crystal powder, melting point of 248 ~ 251 °C (methanol-chloroform). Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and benzene, slightly soluble in cold water, and petroleum ether, etc.

Betulinic acid


1. Betulin helps facilitate the excretion of fluids and promote metabolic activity.
2. Betulin is used for preventing hyperlipidosis ,Prostaglandin-Synthesis-Inhibitor
3. Betulin can anti-tumor, betulin orally to treat their gout, rheumatism and kidney stones. Besides,most people use betulin in one of four ways: as an infusion, decoction, extract or tincture.
4. Betulin santi-inflammatory and skin soothing abilities are often used to treat eczema, psoriasis and warts.
5. Betulin can be used as adaptogenic, betulin is used to refer to a natural herb product that increases the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.
6. Betulin is effect on anti-oxidant.Since betulin contains vitamins B1, B2, A, C and E, betulin is also believed to work as an antioxidant capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules.


CAS 472-15-1White Birch bark extract

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