• WAY316606 CAS 915759-45-4 For Hair Loss Treatment
  • WAY316606 CAS 915759-45-4 For Hair Loss Treatment
WAY316606 CAS 915759-45-4 For Hair Loss Treatment
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WAY-316606 is a drug that was originally developed to help treat osteoporosis, a disease which weakens bones and makes them more fragile and likely to break.
Lab tests found when the drug was used there was a significant increase in human hair growth within two days.
WAY-316606 is a compound known as an inhibitor because it prevents a natural occurring protein from working.
The protein it blocks is involved in killing off growth and is linked to male pattern balding.Scientists found through research that the drug targeted the same protein growth as a cancer drug called cyclosporine A (CsA) which has been used to suppress transplant rejection and cause rapid hair growth.
However, CsA has a large number of side effects including high blood pressure, headaches, kidney problems and vomiting, making it unsuitable to treat hair-loss,Whereas WAY-316606 comes without the nasty side effects and makes it more suitable to treat baldness.

Will WAY-316606 become the latest hair loss treatment?

Do the findings mean that we can expect to see a new hair loss treatment for those struggling with baldness?

Not quite yet.

The findings hold some early promise, but there is still a long way to go before doctors will be prescribing this drug for hair loss.‘The study findings are interesting but at present the investigation is at a very early experimental stage.’ Dr Holmes tells us. ‘The study was carried out ex-vivo (in a laboratory) on normal hair follicles removed the scalp of men undergoing a hair transplant procedure. At present, we do not know whether the proposed treatment will work in patients with hair loss or whether a suitable treatment formulation can be developed.’

Dr Holmes went on to say that: ‘a suitable topical preparation of WAY-316606 needs to be developed for human use. It then needs to be tested to see if the benefits when applied to the human scalp are the same as the effects on a hair follicle being cultured in the lab.’

As Dr Holmes explains, any articles hailing the drug as a ‘miracle cure’ should be taken with a pinch of salt:

‘At this stage [calling the drug a ‘cure’] would be an exaggeration. In the past there have been drugs that have worked in animal models but not in humans so, any talk of a ‘cure’ or ‘wonder treatment’ is premature. Further, if it worked, it would be a treatment rather than a cure.’  

Further research

Reading in the media about potential new treatments can be exciting but it is important for us to fully understand the facts before pinning our hopes on a cure. The research into WAY-316606 as a treatment for androgenic alopecia is just one area looking at hair loss treatments.

‘Hair loss is very common and can be very distressing for sufferers.’ explains Dr Holmes. ‘There are a number of different types of hair loss but we don’t have very good treatments for any of them at present.’

‘Around the world, Dr Holmes explains, ‘there is much research going on into understanding the different types of alopecia and looking for treatments, so we are always hopeful!’

The British Association of Dermatologists offers a wealth of helpful resources and support for those affected by skin conditions. Visit the Skin Support website to find out more.

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