• Sodium Gualenate CAS 6223-35-4 In Stock
  • Sodium Gualenate CAS 6223-35-4 In Stock
Sodium Gualenate CAS 6223-35-4 In Stock
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Azulene sodium sulfonate was first discovered in Europe, and Chamomile was called "plant physician", from which a large number of health products and cosmetics containing azulene compounds were derived.

Sodium Azulene Sulfonate is derived from extracts of natural plants, which many experts call natural green medicines. The main structure of the guaiac hibiscus is extracted from the compositae (chamomile, chamomile).

Sodium gualenate has excellent anti-inflammatory and mucous membrane repairing effects. It is an anti-inflammatory and repairing product, which can promote the healing of burn wounds, the healing of ulcer wounds and the regeneration of granulation, and has many functions such as heat prevention, radiation prevention and cleft palate prevention.

Sodium Gualenate CAS 6223-35-4 In Stock

Manufacturer high quality 99% Sodium gualenate CAS 6223-35-4 Sodium Guaiazulene Sulfonate sodium azulene sulfonate


Chemical Name: Sodium gualenate
CAS No.: 6223-35-4
Molecular Fomula: C15H17NaO3S

Molecular weight: 300.35

Appearance: Oxford blue crystalline or crystal powder

Assay: 98.5-101.5%

Certification of Analysis




Specific rotation

+39.5 to +41.5° 

State of solution(transmittance)

Clear 98.0% min.


0.020% max. 

Ammonium [NH4]

0.02% max. 


0.020% max


10ppm max.

Heavy metals [Pb]

10ppm max


1ppm max

Other amino acids

Chromatographically not detectable

Loss on drying

0.20% max. 

Residue on ignition[sulfated]

0.10% max.


99.0% min




1) Anti-inflammatory, immunologic and antiallergenic effects. It inhibits the degranulation of mast cells.

2) It can strengthen fortified factors,has good function on low acid or free acid ulceration.
3) Reduce the amount of pepsin.


1) Applied in daily chemical field, especially in dental cream for oral protection.
2) Applied in pharmaceutical field for gastric ulcer treatment.


sodium azulene sulfonate have been used in Korea cosmetics

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