• (S)-2-Hydroxymethylmorpholine-4-carboxylicacidtert-butylester

Product Name (S) -2-Hydroxymethylmorpholine-4-carboxylicacidtert-butylester
CAS number: 135065-76-8
English name: (S) -N-Boc-2-Hydroxymethylmorpholine

Product Name (S) -2-Hydroxymethylmorpholine-4-carboxylicacidtert-butylester

CAS number: 135065-76-8

English name: (S) -N-Boc-2-Hydroxymethylmorpholine

English synonyms: 135065-76-8; (S) -N-Boc-2-HydroxyMethyl ...; N-Boc- (S) -3-morpholine-methanol; (S) -N- BOC-2-HYDROXYMETHYLMORPHOLINE; (S) -2-hydroxyMethyl-4-BOC-Morpholine; (S) -4-BOC-2- HChemicalbookYDROXYMETHYL-MORPHOLINE; (S) -N-Boc-2-hydroxymethylmorpholine, 99% ee; (2S) -2- (Hydroxymethyl) morpholine, N-BOCprotected; (S) -4-t-butoxycarbonyl-2- (hydroxymethyl) morpholine; tert-butyl (S) -2- (hydroxymethyl) morpholine-4-carboxylate

CBNumber: CB3958331

Molecular formula: C10H19NO4

Molecular weight: 217.26MOLFile: 135065-76-8.mol

Melting point: 60-62 ° C

Boiling point: 321 ° C

Density: Chemicalbook1.118

Flash point: 148 ° C

Acidity coefficient (pKa): 14.36 ± 0.10 (Predicted)

Water solubility: Slightlysolubleinwater.

Sensitivity: LightSensitive

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