• Nonivamide/nonivamide Capsaicine With Best Price CAS 2444-46-4
  • Nonivamide/nonivamide Capsaicine With Best Price CAS 2444-46-4
  • Nonivamide/nonivamide Capsaicine With Best Price CAS 2444-46-4
Nonivamide/nonivamide Capsaicine With Best Price CAS 2444-46-4
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Nonivamide, also called pelargonic acid vanillylamide or PAVA, is an organic compound and a capsaicinoid. It is an amide of pelargonic acid (n-nonanoic acid) and vanillyl amine. It is present in chili peppers, but is commonly manufactured synthetically. It is more heat-stable than capsaicin.

Nonivamide/nonivamide Capsaicine With Best Price CAS 2444-46-4

Nonivmide is the synthetic form of the most spicy-hot substance known to man. Nonivamide is the "gold-standard" for hotness. Just a few ppm will make your product fiery hot. How hot? Look at this Scoville scale. Capsaicin is the substance that causes the burning feeling in the mouth or nose (contact with any mucous membranes) and it also increases secretion of gastric juice. Capsaicin has wide usage in the medical field for relief of pain, and more recently has been shown to be effective in can-cers treatment.



Product NameNonivamide
Appearancewhite to brown powder
CAS NO.2444-46-4
Molecular FormulaC17H27NO3
Molecular Weight293.4
Density1.037 g/cm3
Melting Point57-61ºC
Boiling Point492.7ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point251.8ºC
Assay99% min

nonivamide capsaicine

What`s the benefits of Nonivamide?

(1)As the external-used raw material, Nonivamide/ Synthetic Capsaicin can treast joint pain, neurlgia and other intractable diseases. Meanwhile, it also can be made of liniment, tincture, cream, paste and so on.

(2)As the raw material for anti-fouling paints in pollution-free marine, Nonivamide/ Synthetic Capsaicin can be made of paint, coatings, and so on. In this way, to effectively prevent algae shell lived in water from parasitics for the ships, offshore platforms and underwater facilities.

(3)As the raw material for new type of biological pesticides.

(4)As the ingredients added into the products to prevent the electric cable from ant and mouse ane etc.

(5)As the main ingredients in the manufacturing of the tear-gas bomb/gan, and self-defenders and etc.

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