Ecdysone Extract Powder

  • 98% Ecdysone Extract Powder Hydroxyecdysone CAS 5289-74-7

    Beta Ecdysterone is a plant sterol (phytosterol) which recently became very popular as body building and muscle building supplement due to its ability to increase protein synthesis, which translates to more muscle mass! Also known as: ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone, 20-hydroxyecdysone and ecdysterone Beta Ecdysterone (20 Hydroxyecdysterone) is an anabolic plant sterol and is non androgenic. This makes Beta ecdysterone perfect for building lean muscle tissue with no known negative side effects. Ecdysterone provides an environment that is conducive to muscle building by maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and causing an increase in protein synthesis.

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